Hiking and Mountain Biking

Mainland Greece, less developed and less visited than the islands, is a walker’s paradise.

Criss-crossed by ancient cobbled mule paths – the main highways of a bygone age – Mount Pelion looks out over the Pagasitic Gulf to the high Pindos mountains beyond. A huge network of forest trails make for superb mountain biking, taking you high onto the mountain, or even coast to coast across the peninsula from the Pagasitic Gulf to the Aegean Sea.

High mountains remain snow-capped late into the summer; thick forests of beech and chestnut are home to wild boar, martens, nightingales and jet black squirrels. Eagles nest on the high cliffs and goats balancing on inaccessible crags, fill the valleys with the tinkling of bells as they graze.

Pine trees, interspersed with pencil-thin cypresses; sunny clearings crowded with brightly-painted bee hives;grumpy tortoises stomping their way noisily through the undergrowth await the walker who ventures off the beaten track.

Explore the mountain villages with their majestic mansions and marble fountains. Walk coast to coast on cobbled paths, past tumbling waterfalls and over ancient pack horse bridges encountering only the occasional farmer on a mule.

Come to the flower festival

If you think of the Mediterranean as sun-baked and parched, you should just see it in the spring!

  • Almond blossom opens the performance in early January

Self guided walks

We provide a series of GPS-compatible self-guided walks, from gentle strolls taking under half an hour, to full-day hikes, all of which can be done from the house. These are graded from “A Piece of Cake” to “Tough”, enabling you to choose something that fits your mood and energy levels. Choose which walk you fancy doing from the photographic guide and then follow the fully described walk plan, with inset map, GPS references and photos of difficult bits.

You can read our walking guide here.

Mountain Biking

Moutain bikes are available for hire locally from Montis Ordo, who also put together guided cycling and walking tours.

Pony trekking

Pony trekking is available a short distance away. Trips can range from a quick dash round the hill to longer hikes. (We don’t do this ourselves – we just know a man who does!)

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