Heritage Railway

20 metres up the cobbled path from the studio is the picturesque Ano Gatzea station, the only stop on the heritage railway, running from Lechonia to the beautiful mountain town of Milies.

The train runs once a day, every day in the summer, and at weekends in the spring and autumn along the breath-taking narrow gauge line

As it goes through the village, the railway doubles as a road for locals who obviously give way to the train which travels at about the speed of a mountain sheep, who often share the line too.

Built over 100 years ago, using picks and shovels, and the occasional stick of dynamite, it is the line, perhaps more than the train, which is the real star of the show.

The railway doubles as a trekking route with splendid bridges, magnificent views of the Pagasitic Gulf and vertiginous cliffs, and it’s really worth walking at least part of it to appreciate it in all its glory.

Some of the perilous drops will literally take your breath away, and those suffering from vertigo may be unnerved by the “open weave” wrought iron bridge taking the train and pedestrians over a deep chasm. If you are a fan of industrial architecture, on the other hand, it is unmissable.


Open weave railway bridge

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